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Frequently Asked

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We recommend preparing a general cover letter and resume that you can send to all the recruiters. Once a recruiter gets back to you with a promising opportunity, you can always customize it for that particular position.

A higher negotiated salary reflects in a recruiter’s salary and so not only won’t you be considered junk mail, your email might even be starred!

On average, job seekers who used JOBRESQ’s database received 10 responses from recruiters within 30 days. We’ve done extensive research and carefully curated our database in order to find the most effective recruiters for job seekers like you. In fact, we’re so confident JobResQ works that we’ll even give you a 100% refund if you don’t receive the same 10 responses within 30 days of purchasing our database.

You will receive an excel spreadsheet with 300+ recruiters’ email contact information, the ultimate tool to help you land your new job!

JobResQ exists so you no longer have to go through the long, arduous, do-it-yourself job search. It’s already been done for you! Our database is effective because of the thousands of hours of research that we consistently do to meticulously curate a database of the most effective recruiters for our clients.

Yes! We serve job seekers in a large variety of different sectors and  industries. Our database is composed of recruiting firms and employment agencies that  hire for a wide range of industries.

No catch, only a quicker and more efficient way to get to your ideal job.